Storm King's Thunder

Cloak and Swagger

Gentle Chains' Journal

I’ve noticed Syrin doing the same, so I’ve decided to put my feelings about current events to paper. He seems to know what he’s doing with himself, so why not? I can only hope some of that will rub off on me before I get myself into any more trouble…

I have to admit, the allure of falling back into old habits is getting harder to ignore. Not to mention the lack of interesting things to find (and take) on our trip to Nightstone! Perhaps that’s why I so readily agreed to this insane job! Yes, that’s it. It was to keep me on the straight and narrow, to keep my hands at my sides! Don’t judge me, um, journal…

Anyway, after arriving in Daggerford I soon left my traveling companions and happened upon someone who promised coin for a person(?) with my set of skills. I was to meet with someone named Nono Kimoni, who was affiliated with the church of TEMPUUUUUS! (Sorry, my inner barbarian is crying for attention)

Well the job wasn’t what I expected. We whispered back and forth for a bit, and I soon discovered I was to be a transporter of sorts. I would deliver some “cargo” and be paid for my services and discretion. The cargo was, um, how do I put this delicately? MOTHER FUCKING CHILDREN. I was to find the cargo at the docks that night. Unfortunately, once I found out what the shipment was, I stopped asking questions, and didn’t have much else to go on.

Well of course I refused! I mean, not right away. Why not try to make some coin off these sick bastards. I talked Nono out of a gold bracelet and was on my way to tell Syrin, in hopes of figuring out how to put a stop to whatever was happening to Daggerford’s kittens. Children, sorry.

I found Syrin at the Lady Luck Tavern where he was ranting about the prices of the food. I mean it’s understandable, but there were slightly more pressing matters at hand! That’s when he told me that he too had made a mistake. It would seem while I was apart from the group, an agreement was made to feed the children of some orphanage. And at those prices! I guess we’ll never know who really made the biggest mistake that night.

I had a wonderful meal (that made me feel especially talkative) and we left the tavern. After locating the rest of our party, we paid a visit to the Duchess of Daggerford, and were rewarded for our efforts in Nightstone. Syrin went on about what we’d seen. Some giants taking a huge stone, some crutches? I’m going to be honest, I was only half listening. My mind was elsewhere. Before we left Syrin practically forced me into mentioning the child trafficking incident. Killian, an advisor to the Duke and Duchess was, thankful for the information and promised to “look into it.”

We paid a visit to the orphanage Syrin had mentioned to deliver a pair of crutches to some poor child. I’d never seen anyone so happy! Soon after we were to meet Pip, a masked bandit the rest of the group had learned was helping the mistreated children of the orphanage. After a meeting in a lovely little alleyway, Pip informed us of some strange happenings at (wouldn’t you know it!) the docks, involving some of the children, and we were to meet Pip nearby. The odds… We agreed to check it out, and with the city under curfew we were forced to stick to the shadows. Marchosias and Tamyr were nearly caught, but March’s quick thinking with the light spell saved their tails, and we decided to use the sewers to remain undetected. That didn’t go as smoothly as we’d hoped.

We were attacked by enormous alligators! It was a hard fought and dangerous battle, but my rodeo skills single-handedly saved us all. Good thing I had so much practice on the Magical Bull! We arrived at the docks, and found it teeming with unsavory types. We stumbled into a warehouse to stay hidden, and found crates full of children’s belongings. We were nearly found out, but managed to flee through the back and find Pip not far away. It was then that I bravely decided to put an end to all of this with no pressure from anyone else!

I was to go ahead with the job I accepted, while the rest moved in from the shadows, setting up an ambush. I used the bracelet Nono gave to me to gain entry and attempted to turn the leader of these assholes against his men. They brought out my cargo, a crate, with a young girl inside. And then I thought it was all over. A crossbow was aimed at my face, I had been found out, I was done for. But the shot took out the man next to me, and I had seemingly won over these scoundrels. The next thing I know, the group is moving in, Pip at their side! Things became hectic, and I grabbed the girl from the chest and ran to safety.

Pip moved in, and he felled our foes left and right, and it was then that we learned Pip was none other than Killian! He had been helping us and the children this entire time!

During the fight one of these criminals landed an arrow in the child we rescued, but thankfully she was alright. We soon dispatched the criminals one by one. Only one escaped by swimming out to sea, and I have it on good authority that he was eaten by a shark. And now, after searching the ship of these child traffickers and finding some coin and interesting items that made this whole thing worthwhile, I’m taking a moment to reflect. I only hope that I’ve recalled these events as vividly as I’m sure Syrin can.

Wait a minute. Didn’t I get drunk and lose at cards to a strange speaking man and some cheating asshole, only to have the tavern owner yell obscenities and kick the cheater out on his ass?



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